Duke University and the Superintendence of Rome signed a collaboration agreement for the digital recording, study, interpretation and communication of the Forum of Trajan.  This collaboration opens new research and education perspectives to Duke because of the availability of over 40,000 archaeological finds and objects to study and re-contextualize; and to the Roman institutions because of the innovative digital and interdisciplinary work Duke can provide. The first step of this collaboration will be the digital re-contextualization of the architectural decorations stored in the local museum. This site was created for the celebration of the 1900th anniversary of the Trajan’s death.

Project Director: Maurizio Forte
Web design: Brian Norberg; Nevio Danelon
Digital Content and 3D modeling: Nevio Danelon; Vijay Rajkumar
​Digital Sculpting (Zbrush): Julia Liu
Business and Content Developer: Adam Spring
Processing Assistant: Katherine McCusker
3D Scanning: Artit Jirapatnakul
Digital Photogrammetry: Yiran Ao; Francesca Pajno​
Texts by Luigina Infante, Marina Milella, Lucrezia Ungaro

Soprintendenza Capitolina   

     Department of Classical Studies; Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies     

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Department of Classical Studies
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