Dacian war trumpet

The Dacian war trumpet, was a wind instrument used in warfare. It was a type of bronze trumpet with an elongated S shape, held so that the long straight central portion was vertical and the short mouthpiece end section and the much wider bell were horizontal in opposed directions. The bell was styled in the shape of an open-mouthed boar's, or other animal's, head. It was used to incite troops to battle and intimidate opponents, as Polybius recounts. The instrument's significant height allowed it to be heard over the heads of the participants in battles or ceremonies. As shown on the Roman Emperor Trajan's Column, it is a forerunner of the Celtic-style carnyx.


Ft. 436

Frammento di pannello decorativo con catasta d'armi: Scudo ovale con decorazione a scaglie; Scudo rotondo con decorazione a scaglie; Faretra e fodero; Corno di guerra dacico.

Fragment of a decorative panel depicting a pile of weapons: Oval shield decorated with flakes; Round shield decorated with flakes; Quiver and scabbard; Dacian war trumpet.

Building: Basilica Ulpia